Utmost thriller fiction-Watch Dogs

Utmost thriller fiction-Watch Dogs

Hello! I am back again with a new game which has Utmost thriller fiction-Watch Dogs.


Watch Dogs is action adventure game which is developed by Ubisoft in 2014.

It is fictional version of Chicago and the pilot follows hacker aiden pearce search for revenge after killing his neice

This game is navigated on foot or by vehicle by a 3rd person And it it includes online multiplayer mode up to 8 persons

and this endorses the gameplay which is rate of this game which I ever played.

Software requirements:

This game requires a CPU of core I7 3770 at 3.5 GHz or AMD processor

The OS which supports is Windows Vista or windows 7 or higher.

It takes 25 GB of free space of hard disk

Utmost thriller fiction-Watch Dogs

Here’s another big strength of watchdogs is a completely open map and it is intricately detailed. 

The rural area of Pawnee balances out Chicago’s urban sprawl, and it all looks great, especially at sunset or during a rainstorm which runs at the speed of 30 frames per seconds

But the flaw about this game is after frequent hours of playing this game .The slowdowns of this game when new mission objectives are loading up

The slowdowns had never happened when anything interesting was going on 

This Watch Dogs is the techno thriller fiction and its all about the power information in a super connected city 

And this city is most cleverest genre is how much information it gives you

Utmost thriller fiction-Watch Dogs game It scans pedestrian or thug-pop and even some lifeline it’s a small thing And its a humanizing thing

While playing this game I experienced a moment in which the hospital, A patient waiting for his liver transplantation and results in this game is a humanizing thing

This is a very rare (or) few open world action game I’ve ever seen On a violent rampage.

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