Madden NFL 21

Hello! This is Sai Raghavendra and I’m here to write a new game called Madden NFL 21.

Madden NFL 21

Introduction of Madden NFL(National Football League) 21

The game which is based on American football video game on the National Football league and developed by EA( Electronic Arts)

The released platforms for this game is Microsoft Windows and Play Station 4 and XBOX one and announced officially on May 7th, 2020.

System Requirements:

Madden NFL(National Football League) 21 should contain Intel core i5 or AMD FX8150 processors

The graphics should contain  AMD Mobility Radeon R9 270x or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680

This game takes a 50 GB of hard drive and this should contain DirectX 11 Compatible Graphics Card.

This game should contain Wifi or broadband connection for multiplayer connections

Game play

This game includes advanced level of control and new immersive gameplay mechanics.

The new stick skill ball-carrier system will give the user all-out control, fresh pass rush moves will be introduced but Tackle improvements will create more open-field realism, and there will be new user-controlled celebrations

It will feature Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson as the cover athlete and it is of three versions now they are likely to be:

Standard and deluxe and MVP. But For more updates can see through it in Madden 21

while in college you can switch positions from quarterback to running back or wide receiver and Neat.


For future generations of this game are planning to release in Christmas 

But for future generations of Madden NFL 21 are going to be released in platforms like PlayStation 5, Xbox One, etc.

And so, X-Factors which are coming with exact specifics are 50 in number yet to be revealed.

The best elements of Madden 21 was the outset of Face of Franchise

Face of Franchise: Rise to seems you start over as a high school quarterback looking to win a state championship

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