Hey hello! This is Sai Raghavendra. I am here to write a review of Saint Rows: The Third Remastered 

System Requirements:

The system requires a minimum of 2.0 GHz Dual Core 2.0 GHz Dual Core processor(intel core 2 duo or AMD Athlon X2) or higher versions.

This game runs only in windows platform starting from XP or higher but it requires a 320 MB of video card.

It should support NVIDIA Geforce 8800 series or better

To install this game on your PC your disk should contain a minimum of 10 GB. 


Saint Rows: The Third Remastered was introduced by Rockstar North. This organisation is better known for GTA

The organisation of Rockstar North is been past five years.

Saint Rows: The Third Remastered is of 30-40 hour single player game with a immersible missions with tons of charecters and cars customisation.

It is the 1st game in this genre successfully negotiate online and multiplayer waters, including online and SystemLink co-op functionality.

The gameplay of Saint Rows

This game is as most as similar to GTA(Grand Theft Auto) Vice city or higher versions than that. 

This game allows the players to swim, run, fight, pick up missions, drive violence in this game is most immersive . 

The game allows the third person to view players to camera swings using the right analog stick while moving the characters

But moving around with the left analog stick. 

Unoriginal But Fun

Saint Rows: The Third Remastered is an unoriginal premise in nature and it’s smartly designed in nature but it’s technically solid and straight out of fun

It is very derivate in nature and highly immersive

Saint Rows: The Third Remastered is technically solid and straight out fun.

It is available in single player and multiplayer too.

The Saints compete with Los Carnales, the Vice Kings (the African-American gang with ties to the music industry and cops), 

The Westside Rollerz, all visible through its consistent use of colors and a handy map that provides exquisite detail for each territory.

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